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Black Tie Stereo Chicago Campaign Video

  • July 2019
  • Filming
  • Video Production
  • Recording
  • Audio Production
  • Interview

With an already massive following, local Scranton indie-pop group Black Tie Stereo are ready to take their musical careers a step further. They decided to fly out to Chicago to record new original tracks with Marc McKlusky, the same engineer that worked with Weezer, Sia, and many other large artists. To do so, they would need to raise funds to cover the cost of travel, lodging, and production. Black Tie saw an opportunity in crowdfunding the production of this new chapter of their group. To launch their kickstarter, a high quality video introducing fans new and old to the project was needed. We were more than happy to take the challenge.

The interview segments were captured at SI Studios with some additional lighting in order to properly convey the emotions through the interview. The interview segments were then supplemented with some live action footage captured during one of Black Tie’s show. We wrapped all of it together with some minimal titling as well as the album art. See their Kickstarter page below.

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  • Justin Goreschak Gaffer, Camera Operator
  • Joe Kane Production Assistant, Recording Technician
  • David Lange Cinematographer, Assistant Editor
  • Teresa Whitehouse Camera Operator, Editor