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Juicebox Vol. 1, Side A: Permanence

  • September 2018
  • Juicebox
  • Filming
  • Video Production
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  • Audio Production
  • Music

Permanence performs live at Electric City Escape, an escape room located on Courthouse Square in downtown Scranton, for the debut of Juicebox. Permanence is an alternative rock group based out of Scranton, PA. Formed in May 2016 as the fusion of two projects, Permanence has had a positive reception and made quite an impact on the local scene. They recently released their second EP, Wound, in which they expand upon the emotionally charged harmonies and evolve the punk and grunge influenced sounds of their first EP. Wound is currently available for streaming on most major platforms. Permanence is Scott Jordan, Dan King, John Husosky, and Randy Weller.

Electric City Escape, located in downtown Scranton, has unique escape rooms where players are locked in a themed room and must find clues, break codes, and open locks in a series of puzzles within 60 minutes to win. The rooms are completely designed by the Electric City Escape team and make references to local history and folklore.

Juicebox is a new showcase series produced by Ionic Development highlighting Northeastern Pennsylvania’s musicians and the local businesses and venues that support them. Each month a different band performs an set of original songs for weekly release in a venue chosen to compliment or contrast the venue’s aesthetic. Each Juicebox session aims to capture the live energy and skill of the musicians while showcasing the many great locations here in the Northeast. Juicebox is a community minded expedition into where sight meets sound. If you’re interested in performing in or hosting a Juicebox, get in touch with us at

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  • Justin Goreschak Producer, Technical Director
  • David Lange Creative Director, Cinematographer, Editor
  • Joe Kane Coordinating Producer, Camera Operator, Recording Technician
  • Nicole Dalbo Camera Operator, Production Assistant
  • Alexis Goreschak Production Assistant