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Juicebox: Volume 1

  • September 2018
  • Juicebox
  • Filming
  • Video Production
  • Recording
  • Audio Production
  • Music

Juicebox is a new showcase series produced by Ionic Development highlighting up and coming musicians and the local businesses and venues. Each month a different band performs an set of original songs for weekly release in a venue chosen to compliment or contrast the venue’s aesthetic. Each Juicebox session aims to capture the live energy and skill of the musicians while showcasing the many great locations here in the Northeast.

Volume 1 presents Ionic with a chance to engage with local creatives and businesses, with a goal to help them find new audiences and customers. We were able to establish the series and it’s style, while showcasing what Northeastern Pennsylvania does best.

If you’re interested in performing in or hosting a Juicebox, get in touch with us at

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